Waltz with Me

Waltz with Me

Waltz With Me, aka Angel, is Rubizza's fourth filly, born early on the morning of 28 April 2002. By the wonderful Weltmeyer son Weltbekannt, she is a full sibling to Wintermaske, Wonderful World, and Welcome Home. Her looks combine the looks of her two big sisters. She has Winter's black coat, strong conformation, and white face marking, and Wruffles' exquisite head. She has the most sweet, outgoing, inquisitive temperament. We could not be more pleased with her. In fact, we were so pleased with her that we bred Rubizza back to Weltbekannt for a fourth foal from this cross. We got another filly, Welcome Home.

Our good friend Patti Thompson decided that she had to have Angel, after falling in love with her picture. Angel joined her big sister Wruffles at Patti's farm in PA in March 2003. She is turned out to be much like her oldest sister Wintermaske. Patti started her under saddle with no fuss, no muss. Now as an eight year old Angel is excelling under saddle, marching up the training ladder. Patti's role as a mom and parent has kept Angel from being shown much, but she hopes to bring her out soon. Stay tuned.

Angel 2 months

Waltz with Me at 3 months

Waltz with Me

And below you see how Angel's new Mom Patti broke the news that they had a new horse to her hubby Ken. One day she asked him to go water the new horse in the last stall. And this is what he saw!! Anybody recognize the picture? It is the one at the top of this page. The blanket might be a little big for her, though.

Angel as a sawhorse












Angel as a well dressed saw-horse