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August 2013

Thank you to my hubby and son for converting one of the smaller stalls to a big, beautiful 12X20 for the queen bee, Rubizza. She is a happy girl and now all the ladies have suites rather than cubicles.   8/26

New report on Lilyana. She and Jeffrey Taylor were tops in training 3 test to win by 6 points with a 76%!   Hurray!!   8/24/13

The girls have had pedicures and are all happily hanging out in their stalls under fans until dinnertime. Three seem to be in heat. That, thankfully does not include Winter.  8/12/13

Wowser July 2013

Beautiful Wowser at 4 years of age

Just got a report from Tracy Rowe McEwan about Wowdacious, Kabibi's 2009 Wolkentanz I son — Wowsers first ride in the big arena outside... he was wonderful... further adventures to follow!   8/9/13

I was just thinking back.  My friend and trainer Maya Sniadecky has been riding and training my horses since 1999.  She started my first foal, Dazzler, who would be bought by Laura Wayman.  That same year she restarted and kept in training for about a year my Rubinstein I mare, Rubizza.  In 2000, she started the first filly I bred, Destinie, who later went on to Sari Jokitulppo.  In 2001, Maya started my two 1998 fillies - Wintermaske and Rohanna.  They were very different types - one confident, one less so, one a bit laid back, the other quite sensitive.  When Maya was done, we had two happy workers.  She would go on with Wintermaske for several years, showing very successfully through second level, while Roh was always destined to be a broodmare.  Later, Maya would start and keep going my wonderful Wolkenstanza.  She started and showed Dominique briefly.  Last year she started a Wintermaske son, Wunderboy, who is now showing in the hunter world.  And now we have Fifi, Rohanna's granddaughter and Wolkenstanza's daughter.  Lots of history there.  Lots of trust.  Lots of wonderful memories. I am very lucky to have met Maya. 8/6/13

Fifi at her first real show

Fifi (Fidertanz - Wolkentanz/ Rohdiamant) went to her first real dressage show in August, ridden by Maya Sniadecky in the 4 year old Materiale class.  She won her class of one with a great score, was very brave working all alone in the indoor and learned a lot for the future.  Huge thanks to Roberta Bulger and Rachel DeDobbeleer-Schilling for the photos.   8/4/13

Lincoln July 2013

Huge congratulations to Marilyn Handschiegel Black on the purchase of Lincoln (Licotus/ SPS Riou - Rouletto/ Prince Thatch xx). Lincoln will be traveling to Chicago to Marilyn and her trainer Ryan Yap. It will be great fun to watch him progress from afar.  8/3/13

July 2013

Rohanna's portrait by Reg Corkum - in progress

Rohanna's portrait by Reg Corkum - in progress

Reg Corkum is working on a portrait of my dearest Rohanna. This first look makes it look like Maya is riding her in the clouds of heaven. Sigh.    7/31/13

My old mare and foal pasture has 13 deer in it, which include 3 tiny spotted fawns. The girls are watching them.   7/29/13


Very tentatively, as things can go wrong, I am so happy to report that SPS Püppi is in foal to the gorgeous stallion Escolar, above.  7/27/13

Balnchine at 2 years

Huge thanks to Danielle Zeveney for a peek at Balanchine as a two year old.  Winter's foal will make a very lucky rider very happy some day.  He will be ready for Maya to start next summer.   7/16/13

Here is Lincoln on video. I absolutely love his effortless, loose, elastic movement. Wishing he was a she, right now.  7/14/13

Lincoln July 2013

Lincoln looking great at 5 months.  He looks like he will be very tall - at least 17 hands.  He has great presense and is an easy going, clever boy. Thanks to Kareen for the great care and to Liz Hope for the wonderful pictures.  7/13/13

Lincoln can move

Maya reports that she has Wintermaske's grandson by Ferro out of Ballerina under saddle.  Below, Ferrari aka Frankie. Maya calls him the little sportscar.  He is owned by Inslee Baldwin.    7/7/13

Ferrari under saddle

Super report from Maya on Fifi. She's just about ready to show and to do some more serious work. Happy, happy.   7/6/13

June 2013

Good girl Wintermaske is 60 days in foal to Fidertanz. Did fecals on all the ladies and all are negative. As expected, Stanza is not in foal, though I had held out a tiny hope when I have not seen her cycling.   6/25/13

Just before dark yesterday a doe was munching elderberry leaves less than 20 feet from the kitchen window, mama owl was feeding the single owl baby we have this year in a nearby pecan tree and hummers were tanking up at the feeders for their night's fasting. Magical.  6/23/13

Video of Wowser's baby half brother by the lovely Weser-Ems pony stallion Burberry. What a fancy fellow he is! Owned and bred by Heather Luing.   6/18/13

Feather 2013

Feather at 3 years of age

Like mama Wolkenstanza, like daughter. Ryan Martin took Feather to her first DSHB show this weekend and she was champion with a 79.2. Thanks to Ryan and her handler Michael L Brown Jr. for doing so well by my baby girl!   6/9/13

The bottom field is full of does with fawns. Plus a gopher tortoise out eating greenery. Lovely.   6/4/13

Beverly Zimmer sent me a link to Fantom's videoFantom is a full sibling to Fifi and all the other Fidertanz offspring from EM Wolkenstanza.  Fantom is now 4 years old and 17 hands.  Beverley is taking her careful time with this big boy.  6/3/13

April 2013

Lilyana - Rubizza's 2009 Londonderry filly showing off such a nice canter with Jeffrey Taylor in Ohio on video.  4/18

Good, good girl Wolkentanza ovulated one follicle yesterday and the second will go at any moment.  Two weeks to wait to see if we will have a Benidetto pregnancy.  Thinking fertile thoughts...   4/17/13

We bred Wolkenstanza to Benidetto last night.  She had two huge and softening follicles.  We will check for ovulation tomorrow.  It had been so long since I bred a mare at home rather than the clinic.  It was kind of nice to be more involved again.  Hoping for an ovulation and then a good pregnancy check in two weeks.  We must really be vigilant for the possibility of twins, as she may double ovulate.  4/16/13

Wintermaske is pregnant for  2014 Fidertanz foal.  What my vet thought was a cyst is an embryo. Today it looked absolutely perfect!Sadly Wolkenstanza did not conceive with For Compliment.  She will be ready to breed within 48 hours. Benidetto semen is ordered.  4/13/13

Wintermaske and Wolkenstanza were both bred last night. Will bring them home from the clinic this afternoon.  4/26

Now we have some video of Darling. I love her movement.  4/25/13

Just got home from taking Stanza and Wintermaske to be bred at EMCO. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. Stanza will be bred to For Compliment and Winter to Fidertanz.  4/24

Photos: Liz Hope /

Darling loves a cuddle
Püppi's Don Schufro filly has earned the name Darling.  She loves a cuddle with mama and her humans. 

Darling has the noble Don Schufro head

Darling has the noble Don Schufro head

And Darling can move.

And Darling can move.

And Darling can move.

And Darling can move.

And Darling can move.

Darlings says to get this halter off

Darlings says to get this halter off

Lilyana, Royal Don, Hampton Roads and Flamboyant cleaning up at an Ohio dressage show

Lilyana, Royal Don, Flamboyant and Hampton Roads victorious at an Ohio dressage show. All were in the blues.  Donnie and Hampton are debuting at Second Level.  Lilyana won her first blue ribbon this morning with a 68%!!! She was so brave her first time.   4/9/13

Don Schufro filly at birth

Don Schufro filly at birth

SPA Püppi's Don Schufro was born April 6th.  Kareen's initial report on the baby Don Schufro filly - very long, legged, very refined, correct. Bay, though we need sunshine to be sure. Mama and baby doing very well.  4/6/13

March 2013

Stanza's 2013 colt with mama

I love Wolkenstanza's new ET baby! We need an F name. Gigi Ansell, his new owner wanted to call him Fidelio, but that was the name I gave the very first result of this lovely cross. His full siblings are Fidelio, Fantom, Fifi, Feather and Fiorenzo. All were ET babies, except for Fidelio. You can see why this ET mare came with the name "Scar" - which has been changed to Ethel.  3/23/13

Stanza's 2013 colt

The latest ET baby from Wolkenstanza by Fidertanz has arrived safely — a bay colt born today. ET mare Ethel is being a good mama. He looks a lot like Fifi and Feather. This colt was sold in-utero. I'll get some pics Saturday, but here are a few snapshots. Huge thanks to Suzanne Maxwell who helped make Ethel a happier, more secure mare and who brought this baby into the world for me. 3/21/13

Weltspring 2013

Weltspring 2013

A report on Weltspring, Rohanna's second daughter:  Weltspring, 10 year old, 16.2 1/2 Hanoverian mare by Weltmeyer/Rohanna by Rohdiamant, bred by Mary Lou Pitz Winn blew the doors of the competition at her first recognized show after her three year long materity leave (producing 2 healthy high quality foals). Her score at First level was 71.3%, her score of 78.8 % in Training Level, test 4 was High Score of the show. This is truly the PERFECT Adult Amateur spook. no buck, no rear, no fussing - she just is a good girl.  3/20/13


I am so very sad to report the loss of another wonderful Home Again Farm mare.  Frolichkeit suffered a sudden and massive colic the night of March 17th and was euthanized the next morning.  Fro was one of my original girls.  I bought her from Suzanne Quarles of SomeDay Soon Farm in Maryland in 1995.  Fro gave me my first homebred filly Destinie.  Fro later went on to be a dressage horse for Theresa Vanden Heuvel.  Later, I bought Fro back and she produced wonderful foals for me and for another breeder who leased her.  Her last Home Again Farm foal was the beautiful Halcyon, who was tragically lost to a neck injury in 2011.  Perhaps Fro wanted to be with her sweet daughter.  I had hoped that her retirement here at the farm would be a long one.  From the day she returned home, she seemed to have a perpetual grin.  Rest in peace, beautiful red-headed mare.  You left your mark on many hearts.  3/18/13

Little Lincoln (Licotus/ Rouletto/ Prince Thatch xx) can really move — here is his video at 6 days. I am in love. Thank you Kareen!  3/7/13

Riou's baby boy trying his legs in the big world in the pictures below.  I am so happy with mama and baby!  He looks like a character. Lincoln is by Licotus out of SPS Riou by Rouletto-Prince Thatch xx-Gigant-Adlerfarn II.  Maternal siblings of Lincoln include Weis-Guy (FEI horse in the US by Wolkentanz) and Salomon Blue who qualified for the Bundeschampionate in 2010 with an 8.1. Many thanks to Kareen Heineking Schutte for the care she is giving both. 3/1/13

Photos: Liz Hope /

Lincoln seeing the outdoors


Lincoln with mama and Kareen

Lincoln - Mr. Independent

Looks like mischief

Looks like mischief

Lincoln fancy footwork


Lincoln fancy footwork

Lincoln and mama Riou


February 2013

SPS Riou (Rouletto/ Prince Thatch xx/ Gigant) presented us with a handsome black colt by Licotus February 24th, in Germany. Kareen Heineking-Schutte reports that mama Riou is in love and that the baby boy is handsome, strong and well developed. I need help with L names. This colt is for sale.

January 2013

Breeding season is right around the corner. I will be breeding EM Dominique, EM Wolkenstanza and Fifi in 2013. EM Dominique will be bred to Bellissimo M once again, hoping for something as glorious as Bellissima. EM Wolkenstanza will be bred to For Compliment. Fifi will be bred to Fuerstenball via embryo transfer. Hoping that the fertility gods smile on the farm.

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