Reflektion with his owner 2013

The first of Wolkenstanza's three 2009 embryo transfer foals arrived March 28th. The sweet ET mare Missy safely foaled a noble bay colt by Rousseau. He looked so much like his real mama Stanza that we named him Reflektion. Within days he was showing off the best set of gaits that I have ever seen on a young foal — from a very correct and ground covering walk to a fantastic, uphill and expressive trot and the best canter I have ever seen on a foal. If this handsome boy was a filly, nothing could have pried him away from the farm. However, the boys are always for sale. So, I proudly offered Reflektion to serious competitors who want the very best. He is just that!

Reflektion sold to Kelly Hambleton of BC Canada. I look forward to hearing as he grows up and progresses in training.

Reflektion 2013

Reflektion in 2013 - still a clone of hs mama Wolkenstanza in so many ways


See his pictures above and below. Video is on Look for homeagainfarm videos.

Pics below from June 2009 — he just gets better and better.

Pics below from April 2009